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was established for more than 20 years ago when Kristian Breivik gave up on finding good surfboards in Norway and started developing his own boards.

In 1997 he jumped on a plane to South Africa and met up with shaper Glenn Darcy. Five hours later the first commercial Norwegian Surfboard brand was developed.

Frost Surfboards was finally reality and today you can get these rockets from the Lofoten Islands.
Every board comes with an unique design, but we do make custom surfboards upon request!

About DGS:

At DGS surfboards we create high quality surfboards incorperating the latest innovative designs and production techniques, to ensure that you receive the highest quality surfboard suited to your particular surfing requirements. Whether its busting huge 360 airs or just cruizing we will create a surfboard to take you to new levels.

Derek Girven, the shaper and founder of DGS, grew up surfing the South African south coast of Natal before moving to Durban, the talent pool of South African surfing. This is where he started his shaping career, with many of the countries top surfers giving him regular support and feedback. Soon he was consistently shaping boards for these local hotties and earned the reputation as one of the top shapers in South Africa .

Derek learned his apprenticeship at Safari surfboards under the supervision of Spider Murphy. After three years at Safari, he traveled to Australia to work with other shapers such as Matt Haymes, Mike Psillakis, Rex Marchel and others. Derek returns annually to shape for some of the biggest surfboard labels in Australia to keep himself current with international trends and get feedback from other initational surfers. Back in South Africa, he then started shaping Rusty surfboards in conjunction with his own label DGS surfboards.

Derek has produced boards for many of the world, lop surfers such as Greg Emslie, Chris Ward, David Gonzales, Simon Nicholson, Shane Thorne, Paul Canning, and many other “SA series” top surfers.
DGS surfboards can now be found in the water and stores worldwide, as far a field as: Reunion, Dubai,Israel , Spain , Italy , Norway , Mauritius , Canary island, and Australia .

DGS surfboards are created for the true surfer – both young and old – at DGS there are no limitations!!

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