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Surfd Ambassadører

 Why Ambassadors?

When you start surfing, you will look around in the lineup and glare around for a friendly face. You want to be a part of great, encouraging, supportive and good group. You want to reach out and connect with these mythical characters. There is something about surfing with other people that push you, that you can look up to and be inspired by that makes you want to be better yourself.

Our Surfd ambassadors comes from all walks of life. What matters to us is their connection and passion for the sea, the waves, the surf and sharing the stoke.

We sponsor their personality as much as we sponsor the fact they are fun to hang around with, sharing smiles and high fives; and their push and passion for the sport of surfing in Norway

We surf at some of the most northerly remote locations in the world, from snow and ice in winter to trunks in summer. Such a big variety gives a huge testing ground, and we can validate and refine products we believe in with our ambassadors.

Our ambassadors are willing to go any lengths to find uncrowded unchartered surf yet as amped to surf with friends and family at their local beach. Some are eagerly competing, other love the way of life and just want to freesurf. We are all different.

Humble, dedicated, experienced, great role models with a voice and a passion for surfing is what SURFD wants to support and share.

 Surfd is all about real people, real surfing and remembering to not lose track of why we all started – to have fun!


Camilla Pedersen is the reigning Norwegian surfing champion of  2022. 
In 2022 she also won the Norway cup, Lofoten Masters and the  Norwegian Championship of Jæren.
In 2021 and 2020 she was the winner of  the Norway cup, 2020 she also won the Norway cup Lista and Lofoten  Masters.
Camilla has surfed since she was a teenager and currently  splits her time between Jæren and Lofoten. Being close to nature is  fundamental to how she lives her life.

I love because: 
It  contributes to our local surf-scene in such a direct way. Due to its  location it’s close to both my home and most surf-spots. You are always  greeted in a friendly way by Thomas who’s always stoked to share his  knowledge and enthusiasm for the sport.

Camilla is the kind of surfer who effortlessly combines skill with a laid-back vibe. She turns every wave session into a laughter-filled adventure, making even challenging conditions seem like a fun day at the beach. Her positivity is infectious, creating a welcoming atmosphere for surfers of all levels. Whether catching waves or chilling on the shore, being with Camilla means good times and easygoing fun. Surfing with her is like catching a wave of carefree bliss, and she's the perfect surf buddy to turn any session into an unforgettable experience. 🏄‍♀️😄✌️

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Tim Matley  
Results: 1st 2009 lapoint surfout unstad 1st 2016 Lofoten masters  
Highlights: Living in Indonesia 50% of each year for the last 15 years. I have been lucky enough to share quality waves with some of the best surfers in the world and watching the way they approach waves is my favourite thing to do.  
I love SURFD because it stocks quality products that allow you to do you best surfing and most of all…  Have fun!  
Surfd shop reminds me of when I was a teenager. Hanging out, talking shit, eating chocolate and the smell of new boards and fresh wetsuits will never get old.

We are happy to have Tim on board, he is eager to share his knowledge for up and coming surfers, and he is all good to hang out with until winterstorms hit and he miss his trunks and effortless warm water surfing. Initially, the cold weather adds a layer of difficulty for him, but with thicker wetsuits and gear, he conquers the chill. Tim's resilience turns the adaptation into a testament to his passion for surfing, transforming each session into a positive journey of growth and determination. Welcome to the chill box, we are glad to have you in Jæren Norwaii 🏄❄️✨

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Grommet Silas Handeland Hamran

"I love surfd because it has a great quality equipment, and is located right between the surf and where i live, making it the ideal place to stop by after surf, either for equipment or just talking shit" - Silas

Results: Surfing all contests he comes across, and actually doing well:
2023 Lofoten Open Masters #1
2022 Norwegian Champion #1

Morning Session: Yes
Midday Session: Yes
Afternoon Session: Yes
Evening Session: Yes
In Between Sessions : Yes please

If laughter is the best medicine, then Silas Hamran must be the cure for all surf-related seriousness!

Silas's surf style is like a fusion dance between a laid-back sea turtle and a hyperactive squirrel on a sugar rush. The way he effortlessly glides on the waves makes you wonder if he was born with fins instead of feet. Honestly, if surfboards could talk, they'd probably thank him for the most fun ride of their lives!
And oh, the wipeouts! Silas has transformed the art of falling off the board into a comedic masterpiece. It's as if he's auditioning for the next big surf comedy film. Move over, Hollywood; Silas is here to steal the show!

In conclusion, Silas Hamran is not just a grommet surfer; he's a living, breathing embodiment of the surfing spirit. "Surf's up, dudes and dudettes!"

Keep shredding, Silas. The surf world is a better place with you in it!



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