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EcoPro Classic Pad + Extension


100% Cork Agglomerate
3 pieces | Midlle Arc | Ramp

W33.5cm x H39.7cm
W13.2? x H15.6?

Why Cork? 

Cork is 100% natural, elastic, impermeable, lightweight, biodegradable, reusable and recyclable.

Is the outer bark of the cork oak tree, consists of cells like honeycombs filled with an air-like gas. 

?Cork is one of the world?s most versatile materials.?


ECOPRO - DRIVEN BY NATURE - eco-friendly grip pads for your surfboard

EcoPro is a company from Portugal that has made it its business to produce the most environmentally friendly tailpads on the market. The cork used is taken from local industrial waste and reprocessed. Cork binds more CO2 when it grows up than the processing releases afterwards. These great ECO Grip pads are finished with the high quality M3 adhesive, so that the traction pads stick to your surfboard for a long time. The pads are pressed from cork granulate in a mould, which results in great durability. The cork pads come from nature and go back into nature after use. The waste is minimal and is decomposed independently by nature. The EcoPro Surf products are convincing all along the line.

What tailpads does EcoPro offer you?

The RETRO Pad is a three-part surfboard grip pad and can be individually glued onto your surfboard.
The Classic Pad is very stable and made completely from one piece.
The Fish Tailpad is specially designed for fish surfboards.

For which water sports can you use the EcoPro Cork Tailpads?

The traction pads can be used on any surfboard for surfing. Whether shortboard, funboard, hybrid small wave boards, minimalibus or longboards, you can use these pads optimally. The Retro Tailpad looks great on your riversurfing board and gives you the support you need for radical turns. You want a little more control on the back foot when SUP surfing? Then stick an Eco Pro pad on your SUP board.
Eco pads are also often used as surf accessories for kitesurfing on kitesurf boards that are suitable for wave riding, so-called Direcionals.



ecoPro Cork Surfboard Traction

ecoPro surfboard traction is different, there are lots of surfing companies out there making tail pads and front foot pads but ecoPro has taken the environmental aspect to another level. These pads are 100% cork agglomerate, no added nasties. Cork pads have been and gone in recent years but these cork surfing pads are here to stay, they work brilliantly for all levels of surfer. The bonding tech used to make sure these pads stay on your board is not forgotten the bonding process in the EcoPro©UniBody technology offers greater and stronger adhesion to the surfboard than ever before.

Natural, versatile and sustainable, the Cork Traction Pad is an excellent alternative to conventional traction pads, which are produced from petroleum materials and have a huge impact on global pollution. Cork is 100% natural, elastic, impermeable, lightweight, biodegradable, reusable and recyclable. Some people may feel this type of pad won’t work for them, but Lost surfboards incorporated cork decks to their boards in the C3 range, the Boardshop team have surfed these pads, they work, once wet they are really grippy and out of the water they dry fast. It’s not often a truly innovative surf product comes along, but these environmentally aware cork tails pads are just that, try them you’ll be very pleasantly surprised.

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