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Gara Front 4 pieces TRACTION


Focusing on comfort, support and increased grip Gara Surf Essential Traction Pads keep your feet connected to the board so you can push hard against your fins for maximum speed and drive.

Utilising the latest in traction technology these pads are designed to suit most board types.

Length 495mm
Width 375mm
Pieces 4
Arch 0
Kick 0
Groove Corduroy

? 3M marine grade adhesive offering maximum, long lasting adhesion.
? Waterproof EVA developed to improve all round performance.
? HD EVA Tail power kick for added control and drive.
? Perforated for extra resistance.
? Square pad grooves for added grip.

Gara Surf

Gara Surf

We are GARA.

A designer and manufacturer of performance essentials for surfing. GARA will be supporting surfers along the oceans. Founded in the Basque Country, at the heart of the European surfing. GARA has become a leading player

in the oceans. GARA will make innovation its key focus.

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