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Lunasurf 8mm Yamamoto Cold Water Wetsuit Boot w2023

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Dette er en sko vi selv har vært med å designe. Vi var lei sko som røyk i sømmer og pulltabber, som satt sånn passe, og etter en stund føltes som en støvel.

8mm, round toe konstruksjon slik at den passer alle, men anatomisk riktig så du ikke snubler i take offen. Skate grip såle for godt feste på brettet.

Skoen glir lett på foten, og er enkel å ta av etter surf. Supermesh lining på innsiden som bare føles helt utrolig digg!


  • Cold water surf boot designed for warmth, comfort, board feel and grip.
  • 100% Premium Japanese Yamamoto Limestone neoprene
  • Thermal Quick Dry Lining
  • Internally Sealed with 4 Way Thermal Stretch Tape
  • Glued and Blind Stitched

100% Yamamoto Neoprene

We only use Yamamoto Neoprene - Why is this important?

Yamamoto began producing wetsuits in 1961, offering the first wetsuit material in Japan that combined both high functionality and flexibility at a time when wetsuits were primarily composed of the heavy and stiff rubber. Early customers included Japan?s Defense Agency and the famous female oyster divers of Japan?s fishing industry. These customers sought a wetsuit that allowed for greater mobility underwater, improved heat retention and a better wearing experience. A unique rubber material was developed and patented to resolve these problems. Japanese Neoprene is the worlds best. LIMESTONE NEOPRENE The major raw material of this Yamamoto rubber is limestone collected at Mt. Kurohime in Niigata Prefecture. This limestone originates from magma of a volcano eruption in the sea near the Island of Hawaii about 80 million years ago.

Yamamoto Technical Features



Yamamoto Corporation?s neoprene rubber is classified as ?chloroprene rubber.? The special rubber incorporates an independent closed cell structure which adds high functionality including super light weight, high heat?retention with good flexibility neoprene.


The closed cells are packed together at an extremely high density and each individual cell is filled with nitrogen gas to prevent water penetration and increase heat retention. The nitrogen closed cell content is over 93% ? over 30% higher than most competing materials ? and with virtually no water absorption means the weight of this rubber remains nearly identical in wet or dry conditions, giving you more warmth than thicker wetsuits without the weight.


Virtually no water absorption means the weight of this wetsuit remains nearly identical in wet or dry conditions, giving you more warmth than thicker wetsuits without the weight.




Every seam has been glued and blind-stitched to reduce water entry and have excellent durability. Seams and panels have be strategically designed with flexibility and mobility as the focus Making for a non restricting comfortable wetsuit.



About Us Lunasurf

A Brief History – “From our humble beginnings, we've grown organically to where we are today, we pride ourselves on being independently owned and operated at Lunasurf. Our staff are legit and love to surf. Who along with the result of decades of knowledge from our team of global riders, work closely with us vigorously testing, refining and validating our wetsuits, surfboard traction, fins, leashes and other products in the harshest conditions and some of the most remote locations on the planet – from subzero and snow to the sweltering tropics.”

Born out of a passion for surf, travel, adventure and knowing that you need well designed quality equipment to make the most of every situation. Each product has been designed and refined using years of surfing experience, from riding waves at our local beaches, to charging Pipeline, to camping rough in Iceland and Canada to pulling into perfect barrels all day in Indonesia.
With the expertise from high performance riders like Reubyn Ash, Zoltan Torkos, Kevin Meza a.k.a. Baja Koala and Ryan Carlson to explorers and barrel fiends like Timmy Turner, Ryan Turner, Hugues Oyarzabal and Ian Battrick, we know what works, and we are constantly refining our designs, products and coming up with new ones to suit all surfers.

Lunasurf wetsuits have been ambassador tested and trusted around some of the most frigid waters on the globe.

Whether enjoying the experience of different waves and cultures by travelling the world or just surfing your home break - Lunasurf is offering you surf gear essentials and accessories you may need for travel, outdoor use, surf, kitesurfing, wakesurfing, skimboard, windsurf, SUP, longboard, riversurfing, or whatever you wish to ride.
Lunasurf is all about real people, real surfing and remembering to not lose track of why we all started – to have fun.

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