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Choosing a beginner setup for surfing is important for several reasons:

  1. Safety: Surfing can be a physically demanding sport and can have inherent risks. A beginner setup is designed to provide stability and ease of use, making it safer for newcomers to the sport. Beginner surfboards are typically larger, wider, and more buoyant, which helps with stability and balance, making it easier for beginners to catch waves and maintain their balance.

  2. Learning Curve: Surfing requires developing a sense of balance, coordination, and wave-reading skills. A beginner setup helps in reducing the learning curve by providing a stable platform that allows beginners to focus on developing these fundamental skills without struggling too much with balance and stability.

  3. Wave-catching Ability: Beginner surfboards are often referred to as "longboards" or "soft-tops" due to their size and construction. These boards have more volume and buoyancy, which enables beginners to catch waves more easily. Catching waves is crucial for building confidence and progressing in surfing.

  4. Forgiveness: Beginner surfboards are designed to be forgiving. They have rounded edges and softer materials, such as foam or soft top decks, which minimize the chance of injury when falling or colliding with the board. This aspect is especially important when learning to navigate through the surf and encountering other surfers in the water.

  5. Versatility: Beginner surfboards are usually versatile in terms of wave conditions. They can handle small, slow-moving waves, which are common for beginners, but can also handle larger waves as your skills progress. This versatility allows beginners to experience a wider range of conditions and progress in their surfing journey.

  6. Cost-effectiveness: Beginner surfboards are generally more affordable compared to high-performance or specialized surfboards. They are a good entry point for those who are just starting out and unsure if surfing is the right sport for them. Investing in an expensive, advanced surfboard right from the beginning may not be necessary and could be a waste of money if you decide surfing is not for you.

Remember, as you gain experience and improve your surfing skills, you can transition to more advanced equipment that suits your style and the type of waves you want to ride. Starting with a beginner setup provides a solid foundation and helps you build the necessary skills and confidence to progress in the sport.

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    Ryd Fresh 7.6ft 74L DeepBlue

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    Figuring out which RYD soft board you need is an easy process! 

    If you?re a surf school or a beginner, you?ll be looking at our Fresh Range. These durable boards are made with a triple stringer EPS core and feature EVA ?bumpers? on the nose and tail for extra strength, bevelled handles on the nose for easy ?tow backs? by instructors, and lines on the deck to show you where to stand! We?ve also added a GoPro mount for you to capture the memory of riding your first wave!

    These are boards are robust and designed to cop a beating, so if you?re just learning and you want to replicate your surf school experience ? then this is the board for you.

    Our Fresh RYD?s come in 6?0, 6?6, 7?0, 7?6, 8?0, and 9?0. But we only have the 4 last sizes in our range in Norway.


    ? Lightweight
    ? Fiberglass Core Design
    ? Quick Response
    ? Rigid-Flex


    7?0? x 22.5? x 2 5/8? - Liters: 60L
    7?6? x 22.5? x 2 3/4? - Liters: 74L
    8?0? x 22.5? x 2 3/4? - Liters: 74L
    9?0? x 23? x 3? - Liters: 84L


    IXPE| EVA top deck pad

    RYD Softboards come with a soft IXPE or EVA full top deck pad. These pads have been designed with not just comfort in mind but also grip and safety.

    Leash plug

    Each RYD softboard comes standard with a leash plug, much like a fibreglass or epoxy board so that you can attached a leash to it and hit the waves in safety.

    Action Camera Mount

    We install a custom FCS compatible plug on all our softboards. This plug is compatible with all generations of fittings for GoPro cameras.

    Double| Triple Stringer

    Our True and Layback Softboards have double or triple stringers depending on the size of the board. 8 and 9? boards have triple stringers to ensure strength and durability.

    Close Cell EPS

    We use high grade EPS foam core with all our boards. These cores are 100% closed cell which means that they have a high level of water repellent properties.

    Easy Carry Handle

    Our ergonomically designed handle makes it easier to carry your board to and from the water. With its grooved design, your hand will grip the board to allow minimal fatigue while getting to the water?s edge. Great for groms and those with shorter arms who cannot fit boards under their arms.


    Be aware not to leave your gear baking in the sun for lengthy periods of time, whether direct or in a closed vehicle. The heat and UV rays will destroy everything over time. Your board (like your skin) will last longer and perform better with protection.


    All RYD Soft Boards are guaranteed for 6 months against any defects in materials and workmanship. This does not include damage due to abuse or natural wear and tear. To make a claim, return product and sales receipt to the place of purchase.

    If you?re a surf school and are interested in talking to us about boards for your business ? send us an email at

    Roxy 5/4/3mm Prologue Back Zip Wetsuit

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    Stay warm in cold-water conditions with this Prologue 5/4 back-zip full wetsuit made of super-stretch FreeMax neoprene with a thermal core lining and a Hydrowrap neck seal to keep water out and your heat up. Topped with Supratex knee pads for protection in rough waters.

    5/4/3mm Prologue Back Zip Wetsuit

    Style ERJW103073 Color Code kvj0 Year 2023


    • Women's 5/4mm Prologue Long Sleeve Wetsuit

    • Eco-Conscious Fabric: Neoprene at body and legs + HYPERSTRETCH 3.0 at arms and front low legs

    • Neoprene Foam: FreeMax super stretch neoprene for great performance & durability. StretchFlight 2 neoprene for increased warmth and comfort without sacrificing flexibility24% less CO2 emissions per wetsuitLimestone-derivated eco-friendly neoprene made from scrap rubber tires and Bluesign® certified

    • Technology: Hydrowrap adjustable neck closure for a watertight seal

    • Thermal smoothie: Chest and back

    • Seams: GBS glued and blind stitched seams. Water based glue used for lamination

    • Neck: Mock neck

    • Temperature: 09-13°C / 48-55°F

    • Entry: Back zip with YKK#10 plastic zip

    • Knee Pads: Supratex knee pads; durable, lightweight & flexible.

    • Other Features: Zip at ankles.



    83% Nylon, 17% Elastane

    Roxy 5mm - Round Toe for Women

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    5mm Performance - Round Toe Wetsuit Boots for Women


    • 100% StretchFlight x3 neoprene - warm, ultra-light & flexible

    • WarmFlight® x2 Far Infrared thermal lining on sole panel retains body heat while Diamond Deluxe maximises stretch and traps air against the skin for added warmth

    • WarmFlight® thermal fleece lining on ankle and instep

    • Liquid Flex Seal (LFS) taped seams for comfort and zero leakage

    • GBS (glued and blind stitched) seams for maximum flexibility and minimal water entry

    • Back ankle pull loop system

    • Adjustable hook and loop ape strap

    • Hydrolock ankle seal - Our thinnest, lightest and most flexible external seam seal

    • Suitable for suggested water temperatures of 11°C - 14°C / 51°F - 58°F

    • This is a guide only: Weather, sensitivity to the cold & conditions at your local break will affect temperatures & choice of equipment


    92% Nylon/Polyamide, 8% Elastane


    34 2 4 18.8
    35 3 5 19.8
    36 4 6 20.8
    37 5 7 21.8
    38 6 8 22.8
    39 7 9 23.8
    40 8 10 24.8

    RYD 8ft 7mm Layback Leash Bluegrey

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    LAYBACK - 8?

    ? Leash Length: 8? x 9/32? | 2.4m x 7mm

    ? Cuff Width: 1.5? | 38mm

    ? Rail saver Width: 1? | 25mm

    ? Comfortable quick release cuff provides secure fit & safety.

    ? Precision molded connectors enable increased strength and flexibility with breakage resistance.

    ? Highest grade urethane cord means maximum strength to perform with confidence in all conditions.

    ? Double stainless steel swivels eliminate leash tangles.

    ? Triple wrap tail rail savers for ultimate board protection.

    ? Key pocket for secure key storage.

    ? 2-year warranty.

    Gecko softboards wax cool 14C og oppover

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    Endelig en voks til soft tops som sitter. Slutt på å gli av brettet. Formelen på denne voksen gjør at du sitter bedre, voksen sitter bedre og du får en kjekkere surfe opplevelse.

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