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Pickle Wax Remover complete with Sticky Bumps Comb and Pickle Ma

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PIckle Wax Remover, Bio Bag, Sticky Bumps
Wax Comb & Pickle Man Sticker

A tool for every type of Surfer ((Short, Long, Kite, Foil, Paddle, Body and Skim Boarder).

John John has been using the Pickle since he was a kid and still uses it today.

John John Florence

Rabbit always said "is that a Pickle in your pocket or are you just happy to see me".

Rabbit Kekai


Pickles Best Surf Wax Remover on

Pickles Best Surf Wax Remover on

The one and only.

Scrape wax off, use the Pickle, put wax on.


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