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Rent Album Presto Soft Top 5'7" - 43.5L


The 5'7" Presto was a handshaped Album fish, scanned and produced in the USA.

  • Name  The Album Presto Soft Top 5ft 7 Surfboard
  •  Ability  Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced
  •  Volume  43.5 litres
  • Unique bottom contour and rails you won't see elsewhere
  •  Conditions  Anything from knee to head high
  •  Construction  copolymer foam
  •  Dimensions  5ft 7 x 21.5 x 3
  •  Fin System  Futures Twin Fin
  •  Fins Included Futures Thermotech Twin fins
  • Made in the USA and 100% recyclable
  • Light and durable with a copolymer core and inset stringers

Product Details               

The Album Presto soft top surfboard is light and durable with a copolymer core and inset stringers. They are light and super durable, they feel rigid, not like a full on foam board, make no mistake these boards are made to be surfed hard! The board is perfectly moulded from a hand shaped Album Fish. This precision moulding technology allows these soft tops to have more realistic rail shapes, an extremely important part of a boards performance. They are made in the USA and 100% recyclable too.

No wax is needed, the deck has an extra grippy pad on the length of the deck. The Album soft tops feature a unique bottom contour and rails you won't see anywhere else. These boards surf fast and fun and really make the most of slack conditions, a fun option for avid shortboarders and a solid wave-catcher for groms.

If you?re a surf school and are interested in talking to us about boards for your business ? send us an email at



Welcome to the RYD brand. We love surfing. But that’s a pretty broad statement. We love the act of surfing as much as what it brings to the world – that feeling of stoke that’s really hard to describe to those who don’t get it.  We never underestimate the fun factor either, so we spend a lot of time chasing after it. 

But it’s not all about us, we love to share that feeling, pass it on, and spread the good vibes around.

We know that from time-to-time surfing can get a little cynical and competitive, and we’re not talking contests, we think those are cool! It’s more the hustling in the line-up for the best waves, claiming how good the waves were yesterday (or just before you arrived), how someone did a better turn or caught more waves than you. And don’t even get us started on rambling on about the good old days!

Rather, you’ll hear us say things like, ‘may the waves be good where you are.’  It’s the core philosophy of all things RYD.  We’re about sharing the stoke that surfing brings, whether you’re a newbie or a pro.

We’ve realised that inspiring others to have fun in and around ocean is the thing that gets us out of bed in the morning. And our message is centred on sharing that sentiment from the beginner to the professional on the world tour.

And we’ve got some amazing surfers that call RYD home. From WSL Championship Tour Surfer, Caio Ibelli to World Longboard Champions, Rachael Tilly and Stevie Sawyer to Phillipa Anderson, QS charger and surf school owner — to the local groms, the ladysliders and the up-and-coming chargers. All united, our tribe starts to feel exactly how we like it — a complete family.

We were born in Cape Town in 2014, but our good vibes have spread all over the world with roots now in Australia, the USA, New Zealand and Europe.

Our founders have over two decades experience in the action sports accessories industry. Making great gear is what they do. While our product is highly technical and premium in quality (we feel like that’s a given in this day and age) — we like looking at this space with a fresh point of view — one that’s all inclusive, participation based and focussed on progressing our tribe through their surfing journey... and creating fun, lasting memories along the way. Simple really.

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