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Rent Drone Ranger Soft Top 5`6 - 35.3L


Vi har testet brettet! Skal du ha seriøst enkel og billig morro så er denne serien med småbrett helt genialt. Brettet tar bølger bare du kikker på dem, det var nesten som å rope "aport" til bikja. Kom innom showrommet vårt på Voll og lån ett med deg for å teste en dag med små bølger. Garantert høy fun factor og misunte blikk fra de andre som padler for harde livet uten å catche en eneste bølge mens du cruiser rundt dem. - Thomas Gausel Olsen



The Drone Ranger model is an absolute doozy. This is what happens when you crossbreed a Jack Russell with a Labrador. What you get is a board that is fun, energetic, unpredictable, fast, loose, and kinda loyal... although it could just run off without you. With its five fin set up (run it as a thruster or quad), it?ll give you multiple options to tear around at your local. Pick your pedigree between the 5?2 (31.6 liters), 5?6 (35.3 liters), and 6?0 (40.7 liters)

The extra volume, coupled with a fairly flat rocker will see you racing along those flat sections with ease and you?ll find that speed generation will come naturally.  As far as fun factor is concerned, this one is near the top of the pile!

Also a good option to transition from after learning to surf before hitting a regular short board. The width and volume will help you catch heaps of waves, and the size and regular fins will give you the opportunity to hook into a few turns.

Fin box: Five fin, one-tab boxes

Fins:  Set of plastic fins supplied

EPS Foam core, carbon fibre stringer, slick bottom 


5?6? x 22? x 2.5? - Liters: 35.3

If you?re a surf school and are interested in talking to us about boards for your business ? send us an email at



Welcome to the RYD brand. We love surfing. But that’s a pretty broad statement. We love the act of surfing as much as what it brings to the world – that feeling of stoke that’s really hard to describe to those who don’t get it.  We never underestimate the fun factor either, so we spend a lot of time chasing after it. 

But it’s not all about us, we love to share that feeling, pass it on, and spread the good vibes around.

We know that from time-to-time surfing can get a little cynical and competitive, and we’re not talking contests, we think those are cool! It’s more the hustling in the line-up for the best waves, claiming how good the waves were yesterday (or just before you arrived), how someone did a better turn or caught more waves than you. And don’t even get us started on rambling on about the good old days!

Rather, you’ll hear us say things like, ‘may the waves be good where you are.’  It’s the core philosophy of all things RYD.  We’re about sharing the stoke that surfing brings, whether you’re a newbie or a pro.

We’ve realised that inspiring others to have fun in and around ocean is the thing that gets us out of bed in the morning. And our message is centred on sharing that sentiment from the beginner to the professional on the world tour.

And we’ve got some amazing surfers that call RYD home. From WSL Championship Tour Surfer, Caio Ibelli to World Longboard Champions, Rachael Tilly and Stevie Sawyer to Phillipa Anderson, QS charger and surf school owner — to the local groms, the ladysliders and the up-and-coming chargers. All united, our tribe starts to feel exactly how we like it — a complete family.

We were born in Cape Town in 2014, but our good vibes have spread all over the world with roots now in Australia, the USA, New Zealand and Europe.

Our founders have over two decades experience in the action sports accessories industry. Making great gear is what they do. While our product is highly technical and premium in quality (we feel like that’s a given in this day and age) — we like looking at this space with a fresh point of view — one that’s all inclusive, participation based and focussed on progressing our tribe through their surfing journey... and creating fun, lasting memories along the way. Simple really.

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