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  • Simple seat post installation
  • Express installation and uninstallation!
  • Aluminum and stainless steel construction
  • Shortboards up to approximately 7 feet


MBB shortboard racks take advantage of the popularity of quick release bars in our longboard racks, while providing a cost-effective solution through a dual seatpost mount.

If you are a fan of short boards, mainly boards under 7-8 feet in length, these racks are specially designed for you! Installation is extremely quick and simple thanks to a 4-bolt seat post clamp. The bars offer maximum flexibility, adjustable in angle and height for precise customization to your preferences.

The bars snap into place easily and remove just as easily when you don't need them - just press a button. Constructed entirely of aluminum and stainless steel, these mounts are designed to withstand the conditions of coastal environments. They fit virtually any seatpost-equipped bike and almost any board, although we particularly recommend their use for boards 7-8 feet or less.

Need a set of SUP bars to carry a pair of shortboards? Add the SUPs Racks .

MBB Shortboard Rack



Our Shortboard Rack installation video gives you a complete overview of the installation procedure for Shortboard Racks.

MBB Shortboard Rack Installation

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Moved By Bikes

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