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34 Filipe Toledo #77

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Complete Surfskate

Is this SmoothStar right for me?

The 34? Toledo 77 model is perfect for surfers around the 5?6? (167cm) to 6? (182cm) in height.

It will hold rail turns without sliding out for surfers that are under 85kg. It has the deeper concave in the deck which provides more ability to hold the rail when carving. It shares the same concave as the 32.5? and 35.5? models.

Weight 4.1 kg
Deck 34? Matt Black
Deck Tail Width 26cm
Bearings ABEC 7
Trucks Black Trucks
Thruster Type Black SmoothStar Thruster


The 34? Toledo #77 is the newest SmoothStar model for our Team Rider Filipe Toledo. While creating the 34? Toledo, Filipe was specific in the design process?and we delivered. The Toledo 34? has a deeper concave in the deck and wider wheels at the back. Both of these features enable surfers to push harder through their turns and hold the rail without sliding out.

Then end result is surfers can practice much more powerful maneuvers, whilst maintaining looseness through critical turns. Filipe loved the idea of a black simplistic design. Together we worked on a mixture of black matt and black gloss which looks awesome. #77 is also Filipe's choice of competition jersey number.






The SmoothStar Story

Founded in 2004, SmoothStar is the number one surf trainer of choice for hundreds of thousands of surfers and surf coaches worldwide. Developed by experienced surfers, we are dedicated to the development and improvement of surfers from beginner to advanced, through to the highest level of professional surfing. We are passionate about developing innovative products to help surfers perfect their skills out of the water so they become better in the water.

Developed for Surfing

SmoothStar is the number one surf trainer for surf coaches worldwide. It was the first surf trainer to be used in a high performance surfing centre now famously known as HPC, with surf coach Sasha Stocker who at the time, was Australia’s National Surf Coach. Trusted by surfers and young grommets who later became professional surfers and even world champions like Tyler Wright and Owen Wright, Laura Enever and Sally Fitzgibbons, SmoothStar remains the surf trainer of choice for beginner to elite surfers worldwide.

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