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Cabianca Uber Twin 5'11" 31.80L Future fins

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Back in the 1970’s, Mark Richards revolutionized small wave surfboards with his twin-fin design, while in the past few years Uber have revolutionized transportation with their taxi app. Not that we’re saying our new Uber Twin shape is revolutionary – it’s just an insanely fun summer board that combines all the speed and looseness of a classic twin with the maneuverability of a modern performance shortboard. Run it with a twin fin setup for ultimate retro fun, or add the rear stabilizer fin for extra drive and control. If you’re looking for a small wave board that flies down the line and turns on a dime, get the Uber Twin.


Twin Fin +1
Single to double concave



Johnny Cabianca knows surfboards. For the past 35 years, from São Paolo to Zarautz, Spain via Sunset Beach and Santa Cruz, he’s been mowing foam and studying the art. Encyclopaedic in his knowledge of the finer points of modern surfboard shaping and production, Johnny has worked with the best, and, as Matt Biolos puts it: “is as good as anyone, except nobody knew it.”

But people were going to know it. Johnny started shaping boards for a talented young kid from his home beach in Maresias, Brazil. It soon turned out that this kid was beyond talented; Gabriel Medina would become a world champion. The rest is history: a legend-making match that brings us to 2016, and the start of a new era with a brand-new shaping facility in the Basque Country.

“With a state-of-the-art factory to experiment with new shapes and technologies, and one of the world’s best surfers to test my creations, I’m happy to say that my current collection of boards is my best work yet… what more could any shaper ask for?”

– Johnny Cabianca

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