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Smoothstar 34.5 Manta Ray THD

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The 34.5″ Manta Ray is suited to surfers that are 6ft or taller (183cm – 193cm). This model has excellent drive and hold through deep drawn out bottom turns. Surfers with weight over 80kg will feel the board hold without sliding out. The deck has the same concave as the 32.5″ & 34″ models. There is extra width on the back tail to accommodate bigger sized feet.

Turning Mechanism SmoothStar Thruster D
Deck Length 34.5”
Deck Thickness 5 ply Stratified American Beech,
2 ply Canadian Maple
Deck Width 26.5cm
Wheels Large front & back
Wheel Bearings ABEC 7
Trucks Silver powder coated aluminium
Colours Blue/grey/white

Product Details

The new 35.5″ Manta Ray is suited to taller surfers over 6ft (183cm) that have a wider surf stance than most.

We’ve made a board that has excellent drive and hold through the deepest bottom turns and tightest top turns. It has a contour deck shape with more width on the tail so you can push down hard through the turn. The front foot area is also wider again for pushing hard for carving driveways or small skate bowls.

The new Manta Ray has new Sky Blue SmoothStar wheels which are 2mm wider and 4mm thicker than SmoothStar Stingray wheels. More rubber connected to the asphalt means the bigger guys have more hold through the turns.

New Extra wide Tail

We've made some modifications to the Manta Ray deck from the deck outline. Although the deck length has shorter with the Thruster D, we have extended the tail making it much wider. Surfers over 6ft tall generally have much larger feet so the width is important to keep the toes and heel on the deck and not hanging off the side. 

Thruster D Technology

The 34.5" Manta Ray model comes with the new SmoothStar Thruster D technology. The Thruster D is the latest in precision engineering that gives surfers the ultimate surf feeling with 12%-15% more hold. It's also lighter and comes with a 5 year warranty

Why is the Manta Ray recommended for surfers over 6 foot?

We recommend the Manta Ray for surfers over 6 foot because it has a much wider wheel base and also a wider surface area for the front foot than any of the other SmoothStar models. This additional width matches the natural surf stance and foot positioning of riders over 6 foot in height.

I ride a Mini Mal / Longboard surfboard, is the Manta Ray the right choice for me?

The Manta Ray is the right choice of board for you but it is important that your surf stance stays the same, irrespective of what size of SmoothStar or surfboard you ride. Your surf stance shouldn't change unless you are walking up and down the surfboard. It is important that we match the SmoothStar to the stance of the surfer rather than the SmoothStar to the surfboard length because it is the correct stance that delivers the most responsive feel


The SmoothStar Story

Founded in 2004, SmoothStar is the number one surf trainer of choice for hundreds of thousands of surfers and surf coaches worldwide. Developed by experienced surfers, we are dedicated to the development and improvement of surfers from beginner to advanced, through to the highest level of professional surfing. We are passionate about developing innovative products to help surfers perfect their skills out of the water so they become better in the water.

Developed for Surfing

SmoothStar is the number one surf trainer for surf coaches worldwide. It was the first surf trainer to be used in a high performance surfing centre now famously known as HPC, with surf coach Sasha Stocker who at the time, was Australia’s National Surf Coach. Trusted by surfers and young grommets who later became professional surfers and even world champions like Tyler Wright and Owen Wright, Laura Enever and Sally Fitzgibbons, SmoothStar remains the surf trainer of choice for beginner to elite surfers worldwide.

Weight 3.7 kg

Deck 34.5″ Wave abstract pattern

Deck Tail Width 26.5cm

Bearings ABEC 7

Trucks Grey Powder Coat Aluminium

Thruster Type SmoothStar Thruster D

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